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Miri Halliday

~Doula Trainer~Birth Mentor~Placenta Encapsulator~Birth Educator~

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No Longer Accepting Doula Clients


Hi there! My name is Miri Halliday and I am an advocate for birthing people. I have been a certified doula for four years and attended over 100 births. I am also a doula trainer, mentor, and childbirth educator. My belief is that people deserve a doula that will put their own biases aside and serve you with their whole heart, advocating for and with you. When I'm not training and mentoring doulas I am encapsulating placentas,  and working on my bachelors degree in midwifery. 

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Labor & Birth Doula Training

July 11th-14th 2024 Spokane WA

Four days with Sarah and Miri where we talk about the why behind becoming a doula, how to be in this work intentionally, how to market yourself, and how to serve with boundaries. PLUS the first two days will be with guest speaker @tracidoula who’s going to be here in person teaching you guys amazing advocacy skills.
Advocacy in Action two day workshop by Traci Doula. Learn birth room advocacy through conversations with empathy, compassion, and perspective. Leave bias at the door, take up your doula confidence and dive deeper into your advocate identity. Doulas do and should advocate!
Then we’ll take a deep dive into consults, prenatals, and how to prepare your clients no matter where they give birth.
Lastly all things comfort measures, labor stalls, induction, water birth, cesareans, how to move someone with an epidural, and how to assist your clients in the immediate postpartum.
$699 per person
Four days of connection, advocacy skills, love, inspiration and everything you need to start your journey as a certified doula with confidence.

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Spinning Babies® Parent Class

Classes are the first Sunday of every month from 2pm-5pm 
Location: Lighthouse Chiropractic 2118 N Ruby St Suite E, Spokane WA
Price: $140

Birth works most of the time, but sometimes imbalances can show up in the body and leave the baby with less space to navigate the pelvis during labor. Learn techniques to restore balance to your body. Have more comfort in pregnancy and more room for baby. This three hour class will take you and your partner through gentle releases and stretches which will help you prepare for labor. The second half of the class you will learn how you can help your baby to navigate the pelvis with intentional birthing  positions. Please bring your main support person with you to class as this is a class for couples. You will learn how to do techniques together. Please wear clothing that is easy to move in such as what you would wear for a yoga class. Please bring a yoga mat, something to take notes, and a water bottle.

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Placenta Encapsulation


Placenta encapsulation services with experience you can trust. Washington state blood born pathogen licensed, prepared in an out of home designated kitchen. I can use both the traditional Chinese medicine process which involves steaming followed by dehydrating or I can provide the "raw method" which skips the steaming process and goes straight to dehydrating. You will receive a jar with your encapsulated placenta plus a placenta print.

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for expecting parents

 I work with clients to gently release the strains of pregnancy through ligament releases, gentle stretching, fascia release, and teaching clients to come back into their body and find clarity in decision making. I also provide a special balancing session with clients who have a breech baby. This is best done prior to an external cephalic version. The breech balancing session is three two hours and is $175. A bodywork session stand alone is one hour and is $80.  

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I hope you've enjoyed looking through my offerings. If you'd like to sign up for a class, get your placenta encapsulated, or schedule a coaching session please fill in the contact form below and I will respond within 3-4 business days. 

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